Christmas is here! Another year goes by and with it, we hope that many of the negative things that we have experienced during the last few months will go away. This Christmas, despite the prudence and respect for health measures that we should all show, we hope that we all face them with enthusiasm. And perhaps, this year the illusion is more important than ever. The illusion of finally seeing the Christmas lights.

With this post we want to give you a smile and bring the magic of Christmas to your screen. We present you the best national destinations and plans to do this Christmas. May everyone’s dreams and wishes come true this year and may we have a clean slate in 2021. Because we all deserve it.

Christmas plans and destinations

Christmas lights in Vigo

Vigo’ s Christmas lights have become one of the most iconic and emblematic lights in the whole country, and even internationally! Who hasn’t heard of Vigo’s impressive Christmas lights? Its lighting is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the city, which attracts hundreds of people. This year, unfortunately, the situation has not allowed this event to be held in public, although everyone has been able to follow it via streaming through social networks on December 2. We are sure that a walk through the city of Vigo, contemplating its lights and colours will transport us to a world of magic and Christmas happiness.

Christmas lights

The Forest of Oma

The Oma Forest is one of the most fascinating creations of the renowned Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola. This forest is part of an immense work of art, or “natural art installation”, in which the artist painted numerous trees that visitors encounter at every turn. It is framed within the artistic style land art. It stands out for its vibrant colors and shapes, and the aim is that the visitor who contemplates has a thousand visions of effects and visual games with the work, depending on the perspective from which it observes.

The first paintings were made in 1982. The forest is also known as the “painted forest” or Baso Margotua in Basque. It is located in Vizcaya, in the Urbai