December long weekend is coming and with it, many people enjoy a few days off to rest. This year, due to the health situation, it will not be a long weekend of big trips or journeys as in other years. However, there is always something to do that will allow you to oxygenate and recharge your batteries to continue with your daily routines.

In this post, we are going to try to give you the keys on what plans you can carry out to disconnect during this December long weekend. Depending on which Autonomous Community you live in, we offer you a list of suggestions from our list of destinations to plan a short getaway.

A bridge in Galicia

Galicians or residents in Galicia who do not have any perimeter limitations, will not lack a good variety of plans to do in nature, free of overcrowding. For example, good ideas are the plans that we present you in our article about the best places to get lost in the mountains of Lugo. Here you will find information about wonderful places and plans to get lost in the heart of the mountains of Lugo in the province of Lugo. Ancares and Caurelor in the mountains of Ourense of Pena Trevinca. The bridge can also be used to make more gentle routes as a walk, such as those offered by the route of the Camellia.

All the journeys of the Camino de Santiago by bike

Maybe in Andalusia…