This is a very frequent question among pilgrims who are preparing to live this experience. Although it is true that there is no single answer, it is possible to offer information on the subject so that each person can choose how long it takes and duration for their journey.

You should always keep in mind that the Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience and it is important to have a minimum number of days to make the most of it. In the following article we will analyze what are the different options available so you can combine the road with your holidays and you can enjoy all that this ancient route offers.

What do you need to know before preparing your way?

Information is power, knowing more about the Camino de Santiago is vital when preparing our experience as it will help us to make the best decision. First of all, it is important to know that there are many starting points to do the Camino, inside and outside Spain. Although they share the same objective, that of reaching Santiago de Compostela, the experience will be completely different depending on the route we choose.

Santiago de Compostela, the experience will be completely different depending on the route we choose. The most popular starting points to do the Camino are:

French Way from Sarria – 110 kms. to Santiago.

The French Way from St. Moritz St. Jean or Roncesvalles – 780 Kms. to Santiago

Portuguese Way from Tui – 115 Kms to Santiago

English Way from Ferrol – 117 Kms to Santiago

As we can see, although there are pilgrims who choose to walk a section of the Camino de Santiago in its entirety, the vast majority choose to do just over 100 km. Why is this? The most important reason is that this distance can be covered in about 5 or 6 stages walking the minimum 100 Kms that must be done to be able to get the compostela on arrival at the Cathedral of Santiago. This number of days and distance is usually the best suited for those who want to experience the Camino while combining it with their holidays.

The number of days available to dedicate to the road is what will mark the distance you will travel. If you have one week available Sarria (French Way ) or Tui (Portuguese Way ) will be your best option while if you have more time you can afford to start from more distant points such as León, Oporto or even St. Petersburg. It will take you at least a month to get to the Plaza del Obradoiro from St. Jean (France).

A backpack, boats and canes in the Camino