Maybe we have ever thought about doing the Camino de Santiago and we have had doubts. I don’t mean doubts about time or anything like that, I mean doubts about fear. We can get scared because we think that there are many kilometers, that we have to be very well prepared physically and that in our condition we will not be ready to do the Camino and reach the Cathedral. In the following article we will analyze the preparation for the Camino de Santiago.

Don’t worry, the Camino is accessible to everyone. We have to take into account several factors such as the chosen route, the time we have, the time of year or even the weight of our luggage. There is a route for each person because thanks to its flexibility the Camino can be adapted to each pilgrim, including children or people with reduced mobility.

To be ready to do the Camino de Santiago or even each stage requires walking for several hours and making a physical effort, even if it is minimal. That’s why we will always wonder if we will be ready. Below we will answer all the doubts that may arise regarding this subject. After reading the post, who knows, maybe you’ll be encouraged to venture out and become a real pilgrim.

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The Camino de Santiago is not an activity that does not involve physical effort. We all know that this route involves miles and miles of walking on trails, plains, mountains… There are also other factors such as the weather or the slopes that can make some sections harder.

Nevertheless, the route can be adapted to any type of profile, since it