If you want to know which are the best routes in Logroño pay close attention to this guide. Here you will surely find the perfect itinerary for hiking or any other activity in the streets of the capital of the autonomous community of La Rioja, in the north of Spain.

But before you make the decision and choose Logroño as your next holiday destination, you should know that this city so indispensable of the Camino de Santiago invites you to take a meaningful walk through its central quarter and nearby areas.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to learn about its main enclaves, appreciate the hospitality of its people, taste its delicious gastronomy, while you discover the taste of the best wine of the region. Impressed?

Through this guide you will explore Logroño from beginning to end using as a means the best routes through this municipality of just over 150 thousand inhabitants, with a climate that ranges from the hottest in summer to the coolest in winter, and with a commercial activity that is growing rapidly.

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What are the best routes in Logroño?

Now that you’ve decided to venture to Logroño, you need to know which are the best routes through this city empowered by the Ebro River and designated in 2012 as Gastronomic City of Spain.

Route through the central area

It is one of the simplest, but also one of the most significant. Here you will discover essential places, those that can not miss on your list of places to visit. A short walk through the streets of Logroño will allow you to see the Co-cathedral of Santa María de La Redonda, Paseo de El Espolón, the church of Santiago El Real, the Convent of La Merced (seat of Parliament) or Santa María de Palacio.

Route along Senda de Los Elefantes (Calle Laurel)