Information about Lezama

Lezama is a small municipality located on the North Road belonging to the Valley of Asúa, which is part of the region of Gran Bilbao. Formerly, Lezama was part of a parish belonging to the district of Uribe.

A little history

The medieval vestiges that we still preserve in the territory of Lezama reveal a great importance of the structures of the Middle Ages in this place. The oldest surviving ancestral homes are Casa Basabil and Arechavaleta, founded in the 10th century.

What to see and do in Lezama

Lezama Tower

Located in the Arextalde neighbourhood is the Lezama Tower, a square turreted construction ordered to be built by the ancestors of the lords of Lezama, probably in the 11th century. It was rebuilt by Pedro Ruiz de Lezama in 1360. Later it was sold to the Butrón family.

Lezama Tower - Lezama