North Road - Gernika-Lumo

Information about Gernika-Lumo

The town of Gernika-Lumo is located in the Camino del Norte and is world famous for Picasso’s painting of Guernica, which recreates the fateful destruction of the town by aerial bombardment by the German forces of the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War. After the bombing, the only thing that remained of the town was the Meeting House and the tree.

A little history

Founded in the 14th century, the most representative fact of its history is its tragic destruction during the Spanish Civil War (1937). It is because of it, that we do not conserve at the present time samples of the old medieval villa. The city suffered 85% of its area destroyed during the war and was integrated into the National Service of Devastated Regions and Reparations.

What to see and do in Gernika-Lumo

Meeting House

It is a monumental complex that represents one of the few civilian buildings that survived the bombing of 1937. However, the current building is a remodeling done in neoclassical style. Perhaps the most representative feature of the complex is the tree of Gernika, an oak tree under which the meetings of the Señorío de Vizcaya were traditionally held.

Meeting House - Gernika-Lumo