Backpacks and luggage transport

All our trips include the transport of backpacks and luggage, without the need to expressly request it. This service allows you to do the Camino de Santiago comfortably without carrying your backpack or suitcase, minimizing the risk of injury.

When you make your reservation, we will send you a welcome envelope to your home or your first accommodation, where you will also find the sticker that we will use for the transport of your luggage, together with your pilgrim’s credential. You only have to follow the steps indicated in it. Easy and convenient!

Recommendations when transporting rucksacks and luggage

The fact of not having to carry your backpack, allows you to be less strict when preparing your luggage to do the Camino de Santiago. We always recommend that if you hesitate to carry something or not, carry it, as you won’t have to carry it.

However, to make proper use of baggage transport you should follow the following recommendations:

  • Each reservation includes only one package per person
  • Backpacks may not have any hanging objects or improperly closed pockets and all backpacks must be properly labeled.
  • It is recommended that the weight of the backpack does not exceed 15 kg.
  • All luggage must be deposited at the reception of the accommodation before 08:30 in the morning.

How does the backpack and luggage transport service work?

Receive the sticker and identify your backpack

Before starting your Camino de Santiago, we will send you to your home or your first accommodation the stickers to make use of the luggage transport. You should cover it with your personal details, contact telephone number and the names of the accommodation you have booked and stick it in a visible place in your luggage.

Leave your luggage

In the morning, once you have your luggage ready, you should ask the hospitalero where you can leave your backpack so that we can pick it up. All the accommodations have a space in the reception for it, you only have to leave it where they indicate you, always before 8:30 in the morning.

Backpacks in a hostel

Go for a walk

Now you just have to enjoy the stage to the next village. While you walk quietly, we will pick up your luggage and transfer it to your next accommodation, so that when you arrive you will find it at the reception. Remember that your luggage can be delivered until 14:30 in the afternoon.

Woman walking with a light backpack

Más información

Benefits of using the backpack and luggage transport system

Helping everyone to do the Camino

For many people, using luggage transport is the only way to be able to do the Camino de Santiago. Whether because of age, physical handicaps, or because they are traveling with small children or pets, it is even an excellent option for cyclists who wish to avoid carrying panniers.

You will be able to carry everything you need

Using backpacking allows you to be less strict when it comes to preparing your luggage; you will be able to put more weight in your backpack and have everything you need to make your stay in each accommodation more comfortable.

Prevent injuries

A “compelling” reason to use backpacking is to prevent lower back discomfort caused by carrying a heavy backpack for so many days. As you put on more kilometres, your neck, shoulders and back become sore, leading to injuries. Getting rid of the weight of your backpack can greatly improve your experience as a pilgrim.

Better cope with the hardest stages

Some stages of the Camino de Santiago are especially hard due to their length or the orography of the terrain, with steep slopes and very demanding stretches. A difficulty that is multiplied when carrying a backpack on your back. In these cases, the luggage transport service will help you to face the stages in a different mood.

Protect yourself from the rain

It is not uncommon in Galicia to be surprised by inclement weather. If you carry your backpack, you should be well equipped with a waterproof cover and raincoat, otherwise your belongings are at risk of getting soaked. Using the luggage transport will allow you to do the stage comfortably without worries.