Support vehicle

The Camino de Santiago is adapted so that anyone can do it and does not require being a great athlete or exemplary training. But it is possible that injuries, exhaustion or any other problem that prevents us from walking during a stage may occur.

To help you cope with these inconveniences, we have an extensive network of vehicles on all sections of the Camino de Santiago that will pick you up to take you to the end of the stage.

Support vehicle Camino de Santiago

Organized group support vehicles

This service is included in all organized group tours. This is a private vehicle that will accompany you throughout the Camino so that you can use it whenever you need it.

Its operation is very simple. Each day we will place the vehicle at a meeting point halfway through the stage, where you can decide whether you want to continue or abandon the tour due to any problem, discomfort or injury. Once the whole group has passed through this place, the vehicle will drive to the end of the stage with all the occupants.

Support vehicle on request

If you do the Camino de Santiago on your own, you will not have this service included in your trip and you will have to pay for it if you use it. But you can request it by contacting us by phone whenever you need it. Once we have received the notification, we will send you the nearest vehicle to pick you up.