Comillas North Road

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Comillas is a small coastal town in Cantabria, belonging to the region of the western coast. Fundamentally, it stands out for its great architectural heritage that was largely developed by Catalan modernist architects.

A little history

The singular orography of Comillas, propitiated that it was inhabited from very ancient times, by the different cultures that were inhabiting the Peninsula throughout history. During the Modern Age, the town lived a moment of splendour associated to the whaling industry. In fact, it was considered the capital of the whaling fishing villages.

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Sobrellano Palace

It was built in 1888 by the architect Joan Martorell. It is a spectacular construction in neo-Gothic style, which stands out for its large size and structure, reminiscent of modern Venetian palaces.

Sobrellano Palace Comillas

Chapel of the Sobrellano pantheon

It is located next to the castle, and was originally conceived as a small-scale cathedral. It was also built by the Catalan architect Joan Martorell.

Gaudí’s whim

Also known as the Villa Quijano, it stands out for being one of the few constructions that we have preserved by the brilliant Antoni Gaudí outside Catalonia. It is a spectacular construction of Gaudí’s typical undulating modernism.

Capricho Gaudi Comillas

Pontifical University

Another of the architectural attractions of the town. It is a spectacular building erected by the renowned Catalan architect Domènech i Montaner in 1890. This marvellous architect has bequeathed us such spectacular works as the Palau de la Música in Barcelona. The building combines neo-Gothic and neo-Mudejar style with modernist elements.

Comillas Pontifical University

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