House Museum of Victor Corral in Baamonde

Information about Baamonde

Baamonde is a small village through which the Camino del Norte passes and is surrounded by a peaceful agricultural and livestock environment. This village can pass unnoticed in a superficial pass, but it keeps a series of charms that are worth discovering.

The modest place presents the minimum services for a pilgrim, supplied with a hostel, a few bars and a grocery store. Everything else is a landscape to be explored and a warm environment in which the traveller can lose himself with pleasure.

A little history

Baamonde has been a crossroads since practically the beginning of its history as a village. A traditional stop for travellers on the so-called Camino Real as well as the road that connected Madrid with A Coruña. Nowadays it receives pilgrims and continues being a formidable place of passage or stop for those who travel the Xacobean route.

What to see and do in Baamonde

The church of Santiago

This is one of the buildings of interest that no visitor to Baamonde should miss. The origin of this church dates back to the 9th century, while the nave dates back to the 12th century and the main chapel to the 15th century. This church was destroyed by the Irmandiños in 1101 and later rebuilt.

If you go inside this church you can contemplate the Calvary located in its atrium. It consists of a structure of three granite cruceiros that have their origin in the eighteenth century. A temple full of history and cultural interest.

Church of Santiago de Baamonde

Victor Corral House Museum

If you go up the road to the church of Santiago and pass the traditional restaurant O Labrego you will find the Casa Museo Víctor Corral. This is the author of the chapel of the Virgin carved in the Chestnut tree.

In this museum you can find a multitude of works made by this artist, an artistic corner of great charm hidden in the small village of Baamonde. These magnificent works are made with materials such as wood, ivory and granite, typical of this part of the country.

House Museum of Victor Corral in Baamonde

The chapel dedicated to Our Lady

As it could not be less, in Baamonde you can also enjoy the fundamental work of the artist Víctor Corral. It is an atrium in the presence of a 500-year-old chestnut tree. In it, this sculptor carved a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of great cultural and artistic interest.

The project itself was a response to the original layout of the N-VI. In the 1970s it was intended to affect the atrium and the beautiful century-old tree. This marvellous action managed to modify the stretch of road and give a great artistic value to the village.

Victor corral in Baamonde

Traditional food in O Labrego

In 1978 the restaurant O Labrego started its activity , a family business that already came from a great gastronomic tradition on the part of its owners and ancestors. It is an establishment known throughout the country for the goodness of its traditional cuisine, which still retains that initial essence.

In its menu you will find different delicious dishes for a classic tasting, a “grandmother’s cuisine” of a lifetime. It is remarkable its strong Labrego stew and also its soups and broths. A place to load yourself with happiness and a good taste in your mouth.


As Baamonde is characterized by being a crossroads and has a long history around the walks, the walkers, it is also the perfect location for hiking. Of course, the most important route is the Camino del Norte, but there are other very interesting smaller options.

One of the best known is the route da Auga that starts in this beautiful village. This is a beautiful hiking route that stretches for 20 km along the banks of the river Parga and Ladroil. Another of them is the Bidueiras route, in this case in a circular format that covers about 10.50 km.

Mapa de Baamonde