Zafra Via Plata

Information about Zafra

The beautiful town of Zafra is a truly attractive blend of Extremadura and Andalusian cultures in its architecture and lifestyle. In fact, it is affectionately nicknamed La Sevilla Chica. This villa provides an exceptional architectural heritage to delight in, and at the same time is located in a scenic, tranquil setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. One of the most peculiar places in the area where you can make an unforgettable stop.

What to see and do in Zafra

The Plaza Chica and the Plaza Grande

On a walk through Zafra it is essential to pass by these two beautiful squares. The Plaza Chica is the oldest square and was the location of the old market in times gone by. Here you can see the old Town Hall, a beautiful building that today serves as a courthouse. One of the columns of the arquillo del Pan, the one that connects the Plaza Chica and the Plaza Grande, can be found in it, and in it you can see an indentation of 0.835 meters, the Castilian rod, which was the standard of measurement for those who traded in the place. The Plaza Grande is more flowery and lively. It has imposing arcades that are accompanied by large palm trees. This other square dates back to the 16th century and was the site of a medieval church that was replaced by the present-day church of La Concepción.

Plaza Grande Zafra