Camino de la Vía de la Plata - san Pedro de Rozados

Information about San Pedro de Rozados

San Pedro de Rozados is a town that is part of the region of Campo de Salamanca and is located on the Camino de la Vía de la Plata. It does not have a large number of services, but enough for pilgrims to stop to refuel and enjoy its tranquility. It has a beautiful environment and some interesting buildings to contemplate during your stay in the village.


What to see and do in San Pedro de Rozados

St. Peter’s Church

This is a religious building erected approximately in 1647, with an interesting belfry with a double row of arches. It is a building that is worth visiting when passing through this village, this historical legacy that San Pedro de Rozados offers. Inside there is a main altarpiece that houses different carvings to the left and right of the Holy Christ as well as that of St. Peter and St. Blaise. The temple was restored in 1978, as it was in a bad state of conservation.

Church of San Pedro - San Pedro de los Rozados


Like any self-respecting village, San Pedro de Rozados has a delicious and traditional gastronomy. The local products and livestock are specially tasted, so the sausages from Salamanca or the ham from Guijuelo are very important. When it comes to confectionery, you can’t do without the Maimón bun and the sugared almonds.

Gastronomy - San Pedro de Rozados

Mapa de San Pedro de Rozados