Vía de la Plata Way - Montamarta

Information about Montamarta

This pretty little village called Montamarta is located in the province of Zamora and is an unmissable stop on the Via de la Plata Pilgrimage Route. It is a small charming village where you can enjoy quiet days and visit its architectural and landscape heritage. A beautiful stay for pilgrims and travellers.

What to see and do in Montamarta

The church of San Miguel de Arcángel

This church was built in the 16th century and inside you can find an important Romanesque baptismal font. It is a very interesting temple to know the patrimony of this town, presenting in its exterior a great belfry with balcony, weather vane and many storks’ nests. The sculpture dedicated to the Zangarrón, a typical character of Montamarta’s own festivities, stands out.

Church of San Miguel de Arcángel - Montamarta

The Esla River Reservoir

On the outskirts of the village of Montamarta is this idyllic reservoir bathed by the waters of the river Esla. This reservoir creates a landscape of great beauty for the visitor, although the truth is that it causes significant damage in the surrounding area when it overflows during the floods of the river, in times of thaw.

Reservoir of the river Esla - Montamarta

The hermitage of Santa María del Castillo

This is the most iconic monument of the town of Montamarta. The hermitage was built in the 16th century and is located next to one of the tails of the Ricobayo reservoir. It presents a predominantly Renaissance style and stands out inside for a carving of the Virgin of the Castle. It is of great interest to look at its north wall, as you can see the oldest remains of the temple that are of Romanesque style, the corbels.

Hermitage of Santa María del Castillo - Montamarta


Map of Montamarta