The Portuguese Way

25 Stages / 620 km

This is the second most traveled Way to Santiago after the French Way, the Portuguese Way. The origins of the Way go back to the supposed discovery of the remains of the Apostle Santiago in 813. The landscapes and stages are quite different from the French Way. Many of the sections of the route run through asphalt terrain.

This Way is not only a route but it is a set of them that pilgrims start from different parts of Portugal, yes, entering Galicia through the town of Tui. However, more and more pilgrims are opting for the option of following the 5-stage route through Galicia from the Pontevedra town of Tui, a six-day walk.

The Portuguese Way originally starts from the Portuguese capital, and consists of about 600 kilometers passing through towns such as Coimbra, Águeda, Oporto, Barcelos or for example Ponte de Lima. We will enter Galicia through Tui, passing through places such as O Porriño, Redondela, or Pontevedra. In total they would be about 21 days to cover a total of 600 kilometers, although we will be able to begin in other points of the Way as long as we cover the last 100 kilometers necessary to obtain our Compostela, in this case from Tui.


From Tui

From Tui (120km)

7  nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance

From A Guarda

From A Guarda (148km)

9  nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance

From Oporto to A Guarda

From Oporto to A Guarda (113km)

6 nights of accommodation
Baggage Transport
Travel Insurance



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