Long stage, from Santa Marta de Tera, which can be divided into shorter sections according to the pilgrim’s preferences, although the original stage ends in Mombuey. It is characterized by its frequent slopes and abundant vegetation. We will walk along the banks of the river Tera and along dirt roads surrounded by pines, holm oaks and oaks.


We leave the Plaza Mayor of Santa Marta and advance parallel to the course of the river Tera, along a pleasant path between riverside forests and poplars that will be present until we reach Mombuey. Following the signs we reach the road, which we follow to the left to cross the river. We enter a path that we always follow straight ahead.

The vegetation forces us to turn off onto a local road, which we follow until we turn off onto a path that crosses an irrigation channel. We arrive at Calzadilla de Tera, where we find a bar, a shop and a hostel. We continue our route to Olleros de Tera, where there is a hostel and several shops.

At this point we will find two alternatives.

  • Option A) Recommended for cyclists. Continue straight on towards a service road and the Agavanzal reservoir.
  • Option B) On the right, along rural paths to the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Agavanzal.

Both paths lead to the dam, from where we cross the reservoir and turn left towards the road. We arrive at Villar de Farfón, where there is a small hostel.

We leave the village by a long path, crossing forests of pines, holm oaks and oaks. We descend the hillside, cross the Río Negro and the national road to reach the village of Ríonegro del Puente, where there is a hostel.

From Santa Marta de Tera to Mombuey, Rionegro del puente

We still have 9 kilometres to go to Mombuey. We continue walking parallel to the national road, leaving the hostel on the left. A few meters away we enter a dirt path. After crossing the motorway we turn left and take a path parallel to the national road. We come out at a crossroads, cross the road and continue straight ahead for a couple of kilometres until we reach the hotel-restaurant La Ruta. We continue and enter Mombuey by the national road. End of stage.

To consider

As it is such a long stage, it can be shortened by staying overnight at the hostel in Rionegro del Puente, about 26 kilometres from Santa Marta de Tera, in order to reach Mombuey the next day. It is common to pass several kilometres without seeing any yellow arrows or Camino signs. If this is the case, we must always continue straight ahead.

Places of interest

  • Tower and Church of the Assumption – Mombuey

Typical dishes

  • Boletus and seasonal mushrooms
  • Octopus
  • Sweetbreads
  • Veal
  • Sausages
  • Mombuey Bread