Today’s day is quite long and has moderate slopes. It starts in Laza and runs through beautiful rural and mountain areas until it reaches Vilar do Barrio after a steep climb of 425 metres, from where we can see the road to Xunqueira de Ambía. An effort that will be rewarded by enjoying the incredible green landscapes of this part of Galicia.


We start the stage leaving Laza behind from the Praza da Picota and we head towards the road and take the OU-110 road towards Xunqueira de Ambía. With a turn to the left we cross the river Támega and we reach the OU-113 road, along which part of the stage will pass. We follow the signs and take several detours. After 4 km of walking we arrive at the village of Soutelo and a little further on we arrive at Tamicelas, where we find the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

We now begin the hard ascent to Alberguería along a dirt track under a pine forest, which becomes stony as we gain height. We return to the road and follow it towards Alberguería, where there is a bar. We continue our route past the bar and continue climbing in the same direction along a grassy track. We follow the signs until we reach a wooden cross, at an altitude of 965 metres. Now it’s downhill. We start the descent through a wooded path that will lead us to the valley of Allariz. We see the first granaries and the mountain landscape becomes more agricultural.

The bridge of the valley of allariz from xunqueira of ambía to laza

We arrive at Vilar de Barrio where we find some bars. From Plaza Toural we continue towards Bóveda, passing by the church of San Pedro de Fiz. The rural landscape accompanies our walk. We pass through Vilar de Gomareite and after a long straight road of 3 km we arrive at Bobadela.

We continue along a path surrounded by oak trees and reach Padroso to continue along the edge of Cima de Vila. We descend to the village of Quintela, the prelude to Xunqueira de Ambía, the end of our stage.

To consider

This is another long stage, which runs for 33 kilometres between Laza and Xunqueira de Ambía. This is why the stage can be shortened by staying overnight at the Xunta de Vilar de Barrio hostel. The most difficult part of this stage is the ascent from Tamicelas to the cross of Mount Talariño (965 m).

Places of interest

  • Church of Santa María la Real – Xunqueira de Ambía
  • Chapel of San Pedro – Xunqueira de Ambía
  • Fluvial beach – Xunqueira de Ambía

Typical dishes

  • Partridges
  • Lamb
  • Carnival confectionery (ears, feixós…)
  • Almonds
  • Ladle threads