We start our Camino Sanabrés starting from Granja de Moreruela with a placid and solitary stage, with moderate slopes in which we will see a lot of fields and Mediterranean forests to finish in the town of Tábara. Once we have crossed the Quintos Bridge over the river Esla, we will walk along a steep path, the only difficulty of the stage. At the end of the stage, we can visit the church of Santa María, famous for the Beato de Tábaracodex.


We leave Granja de Moreruela behind the church and we see the two variants: the one that takes us to Benavente to continue with the Via de la Plata and the one that takes the direction to Tábara. We take direction Ourense, to the left. We leave the village on a dirt track and cross under the motorway.

We follow the signs, the first kilometres are a slight climb, and then descend towards the river Esla, which we cross over the Quintos bridge. We continue along a road that turns off to the left, at this point cyclists should continue on the road as the road is quite broken.

We go up the hillside until we reach a high point that offers good views of the area. We start descending, passing by the Val de la Rosa farm. We continue along tracks to Faramontanos de Tábara, where we find the church of San Martín (13th century) and the town hall.

We leave Faramontanos, taking advantage of the village to recharge supplies, and continue for more than 5 km to Tábara. We cross the Molino stream and reach the end of the stage.

To consider

Just before leaving Granja de Moreruela we must be clear about the slope we must choose to get to Tábara, because although it is well signposted, we must be careful not to make a mistake. After passing the Quintos bridge, cyclists should follow the provincial road to Faramontanos, as the official path is quite uneven.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Martín – Faramontanos
  • Tower of Tábara
  • Church of Santa María – Tábara
  • Church of La Asunción or “El Convento” – Tábara

Typical dishes

  • Roast lamb
  • Seasonal mushrooms
  • Cod a la tranca
  • Zamorano rice
  • Garlic soups



Pilgrims' Hospice of Tábara

Address: Camino Sotillo, 49140 Tábara, Zamora

Phone: +34 637 926 068

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Hostel of Granja de Moreruela

Address: 49740 Granja de Moreruela, Zamora

Phone: +34980587005

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Tábara

Povince: Zamora

Population: 740

Granja de Moreruela

Town: Granja de Moreruela

Povince: Zamora

Population: 271