Today we recommend leaving early to make the most of the day in Santiago de Compostela, even more so if we leave from Ponte Ulla instead of Outeiro. During the first three kilometres of the stage you will go through lush forests until you reach Lestedo, where you can take a detour to the Pico Sacro, from where you will have a breathtaking view of the area. After reaching A Susana, you will find yourself in the municipality of Santiago. The Way enters the city through the Sar district and after crossing its Roman bridge, you will go up through Castrón Douro to enter the historic centre through the Mazarelos Arch and arrive at the Obradoiro Square.


Last stage of our Camino Sanabrés. We leave Ponte Ulla from the street of the bridge, which leads to a road that we follow to the left and then to the right in search of the national road with the intention of reaching Santiago de Compostela at midday. We ascend momentarily turning off to the left, crossing it again further on. We cross the railway tracks under a tunnel and take a rural path that climbs up to a local road. We follow this road to the left and we arrive at Outeiro.

We leave Outeiro behind us following the signs, which lead us without difficulty along dirt tracks and asphalt until we reach a local road. We arrive at the crossroads of Lestedo, where we find a detour to the bar-restaurant Vía da Prata.

Sacred peak in Ledesma, Ponte ulla a Santiago de Compostela