Rionegro del Puente Sanabrés Way

Information about Rionegro del Puente

Rionegro del Puente has just over 200 inhabitants and is located between three important natural environments such as the Sierra de la Culebra, Lake Sanabria and the Sierra de la Cabrera Baja, so this town enjoys an excellent natural environment. natural heritage of the most interesting of the Camino Sanabrés.

It owes its name to the legend that says that the Virgin Mary appeared to the pilgrims to help them cross the Black River, when the bridge did not yet exist. The virgin told them to spread cloaks over the river, and on them they crossed over without fear.

What to see and do in Rionegro del Puente

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Carballeda

Ruling the village from its 20 meters high, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Carballeda is built on ashlar pillars and has witnessed several reforms to reach in the eighteenth century to the composition we know today. Inside there is a main altarpiece with a carving