This is a short stage and, although with moderate slopes, it is simple. There are two variants leaving from Tábara: through Bercianos de Valverde or taking a detour to pass through Villanueva de las Peras, a slightly longer alternative if we want to reach Santa Marta de Tera. During the tour we will see curious cellars excavated in clay soil. The cultural jewel of the day will be the Romanesque church of Santa Marta de Tera, which preserves a beautiful stone statue of Santiago Peregrino, considered the oldest of the saint.


We start the stage from Tábara, next to the Church of San Salvador and we leave the village following a dirt track towards a crossroads that will lead us to Santa Marta de Tera. Follow the signs until you cross the AVE railway line and continue along a dirt track through holm oak woods.

We reach a fork in the road and are presented with two alternatives:

  • Option A) Official route through Bercianos: a path through vineyards and chestnut trees towards Bercianos de Valverde, where the church of San Pelayo is located, whose tower offers beautiful views. If you choose this option, although it is more beautiful, you will not find any service.
  • Option B) Alternative through Villanueva de las Peras: Itinerary 300 meters shorter but with a bar, so if you need to stop we recommend this option.

stage route tabara santa marta de tera sanabres road

The two paths meet in Santa Croya de Tera, a town that offers all the services, including a natural swimming pool where you can refresh yourself. We continue our route crossing the river Tera by the long bridge of the road and we arrive at Santa Marta, our end of the stage.

To consider

This stage has two variants from the town of Tábara: one is more touristic, and the other is more recreational, so you will have to decide which way you are going to get to the town of Santa Marta de Tera. The church of this locality hides the oldest statue of Santiago Peregrino, a beautiful stone sculpture. Short guided tours are available.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Pelayo – Bercianos de Valverde
  • Natural swimming pool – Santa Croya de Tera
  • Romanesque Monastery Santa Marta de Tera
  • Museum of the Camino Sanabrés – Santa Marta de Tera

Typical dishes

  • Grilled liver on the grill
  • Sausages
  • Pork meat
  • Goat cheese
  • Typical dessert: cuscarones



Pilgrims' Hospice of Tábara

Address: Camino Sotillo, 49140 Tábara, Zamora

Phone: +34 637 926 068

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Hostel of Santa Marta de Tera

Address: Calle Iglesia Sta Marta, 36, 49626 Santa Marta de Tera, Zamora

Phone: +34 980 649 006

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Tábara

Povince: Zamora

Population: 740

Santa Marta de Tera

Town: Camarzana de Tera

Povince: Zamora

Population: 162