Mombuey Sanabres Road

Information about Mombuey

Mombuey is the capital of the region of La Carballeda. It has a rich past that is witnessed by its main tourist attraction, the tower of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. Its military court points to a possible Templar origin of the locality.

Its main tourist wealth is due to the fact that it is a place of passage of the Sanabrés Way, one of the variants of The Silver Route. But not only pilgrims parade through its streets on their way to obtain the Compostela, also do so every Easter its famous steps.

What to see and do in Mombuey

Parish Church of the Assumption

Crowned by a Templar tower of military origin, the church is located in the central district of Mombuey, on the banks of the Valchano stream. This unmistakable 13th century tower is recorded as a military watchtower of the Order of the Temple, which serves the church as a bell tower, although it is much later than the tower.

Castro del Buracote

Belonging to the Iron Age, its walls reached several meters high, and its position was easily defended due to its strategic location. It is surrounded by sharp stone slabs, which were used to stop cavalry advances, as well as a moat, the remains of which can still be seen today.

Holidays of Mombuey

Of the festivities in Mombuey, it is worth mentioning the Holy Week, rooted in the brotherhood tradition of La Carballeda, as well as the festivalof the Giants and Big-heads, which takes place on the day of Corpus Christi accompanied by the pipers of La Asunción.

Mapa de Mombuey