Today’s stage, although long, will be a pleasant and interesting walk, both for its wealth of monuments and for its natural and environmental beauty. We will find the Romanesque church of Santiago de Taboada, where we can stamp the credential, and we will pass by the Trasfontao Manor House before arriving to Silleda. Already in our end of stage, Ponte Ulla, we will have all the services to rest yos pilgrims who so wish can extend 4 kilometers the stage to Outeiro, although this lengthens the stage to 35 kilometers, leaving from A Laxe.


At this stage we will join the walkers who have been making the Winter Way. Starting the Way from the centre of Lalín, or A Laxe, we follow the milestones to reach the Pontiñas river walk, an extremely pleasant stretch, and from here we will head towards Ponte Ulla.

We cross the industrial estate and alternate the road, passing the medieval bridge of Taboada over the river Deza. We continue ascending and we arrive at the N-525 that we follow on the left hand side. On the right we see a stone cross and the Romanesque church of Santiago de Taboada. After 60 metres we enter a wooded path on the left hand side. A little further on we come out onto an industrial estate, which we leave to go back into the forest. We arrive at Trasfontao, a small village where we will find a magnificent 18th century manor house, with a chapel and granary.

We leave the village going down a paved road, and then go up a dirt road. We cross the road and arrive at the Avenida del Parque, at the entrance to Silleda. After a mid-morning break, we take the N-525 national road until we reach the Nudesa factory, at the foot of the national road. We move away from the road and cross the small village of San Fiz to take a beautiful path on the right hand side.

After crossing a stream and a bridge, we turn right onto an asphalted track.

We cross the national road again through an underpass and soon we cross the motorway over a bridge. We take the detour to the right and we go out again to the national road until we get to Bandeira. We leave Bandeira by the national road and at the exit we take the road to A Casela. We go down until we cross a stream and take an uphill road. We pass by some houses and take the path to the left, along an asphalted track between fields. Next to a house and a stable, we take the path that goes into the forest and leads to the village of Dornelas.

We leave Dornelas taking the exit on the left, along a local road. We leave the road on the left and just before reaching the national road, we turn right onto a path. We cross the road in front of a house in ruins and continue straight on until we reach San Miguel de Castro, where we can visit the hermitage of Las Angustias and rest in the bar.

Punte Guntian - Ponte Ulla

We continue the route turning off to the right to reach, in a steep descent, the river Ulla, which we cross by a bridge. We thus enter Puente Ulla, which has all the services.

At 2 km from Ponte Ulla, we find Santa Cruz de Rivadulla, which also has all the services and a variety of accommodation.

To consider

In this stage we will not have problems to stock up, as we will find a great variety of bars and restaurants where to stop. In this stage as in the previous one, we recommend to lengthen or shorten it as you need, because if you leave from Lalín, instead of A Laxe, the stage can be long enough to Ponte Ulla. However, many pilgrims choose to extend the stage and spend the night in the hostel of Outeiro, which although it does not have many services is a good option to arrive early to Santiago de Compostela.

Places of interest

  • Cork oak of Siador – Silleda
  • Fervenza do Toxa – Silleda
  • Church of Santiago de Taboada – Silleda
  • Carboeiro Monastery – Silleda
  • Bridge of Gundián – Ponte Ulla
  • Santa Cruz de Ribadulla Manor House – Santa Cruz de Ribadulla

Typical dishes

  • Carne ao caldeiro
  • Empanadas
  • Lacón with turnip tops
  • Padrón Peppers
  • Chestnuts
  • Doughnuts