O Porriño Portuguese Way

Information about O Porriño

O Porriño is a municipality belonging to the province of Pontevedra and integrated in the Metropolitan Area of Vigo. A place that despite its small size is well worth a visit to know its corners full of history. This small village is located in the Louriña valley and is crossed by the Louro river.

Historically the place where it sits was a crossroads between some of the most important towns of the time. Nowadays its importance resides, apart from being one of the stops of the Portuguese way, in that it stands out for being the home of the Gandarás de Budiño. A marshy area stop for thousands of migratory birds that constitute one of the richest ecosystems integrated in the European Natura 2000 Network.

The name of O Porriño comes from Ghrovary the Pueril, a king barely 17 years old who led a popular revolt to overthrow a tyrant king before the arrival of the Romans. From then on, the citizens were called Hijos de Puerīlis (Sons of Puerīlis), from which the current name of O Porriño was derived.

What to see and do in O Porriño

Town Hall

Headquarters of the city council of O Porriño. It is a beautiful building dating from the nineteenth century built in marble from this municipality, as O Porriño is internationally