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Information about Seville

Seville is a city full of art. It is the most populated city in Andalusia, with a large old town being the largest in Spain and sixth largest in Europe. It presents in its streets a wide variety of monuments of special cultural interest, charming squares and museums, always with the cheerful and creative atmosphere that floods the city. It is divided by the Guadalquivir, an essential emblem of Seville, and presents architectural samples of enormous beauty. A place that enchants every visitor, full of elements of visual pleasure and designed for the enjoyment of leisure time.

What to see and do in Seville

The Golden Tower

On the banks of the Guadalquivir River stands the impressive Torre del Oro, a true icon of the city of Seville and an essential place to visit. It is an albarrana tower with 36 meters high and a special aesthetic beauty. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest since 1931 and inside you can enjoy the Naval Museum of Seville. It composes a spectacular landscape and invites to be contemplated from different points.

Torre del Oro Seville

The Cathedral of Seville

The Cathedral of Seville is another place of great interest, it is the third largest temple in the world and is declared a World Heritage Site. It is a beautiful gothic style cathedral with an extension of 11.520 m2 and composed of five naves with numerous chapels. The building is full of diverse architectural elements of special charm that make it one of the most beautiful and impressive of all the Spanish territory. Of course, it is home to one of the most iconic elements of Seville: the Giralda. It is also located the tomb of Christopher Columbus, a most curious element. There is no shortage of reasons of interest to dedicate an important place in the itinerary of the traveller.

Seville Cathedral

The Royal Alcazar

The city of Seville has a number of monuments of special cultural, artistic and architectural importance. Another of the most important is the Real Alcázar, also declared a World Heritage Site. It is a palace complex that brings together various architectural styles to delight the visitor and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is one of the most impressive places in this city and everyone who visits it is really impressed.

The Archive of the Indies

We arrive at the third point of Seville declared a World Heritage Site, a peculiarity in the same city and indicative of the great heritage value of this city. This building was designed by Juan Herrera and is of Renaissance style. Its mission was to archive all the documents of the Spanish overseas territories and thousands of them are still preserved, with drawings and maps. Among these archives there are documents of enormous historical value such as the manuscripts of Christopher Columbus or Magellan.

The Triana neighbourhood

If what you are looking for is to get into the essence of Seville there is no better option than visiting the Triana neighbourhood. It has streets full of color ideal for strolling, keeps all the essence of its inhabitants and gives some buildings worth admiring as the castle of San Jorge or the Triana Bridge. A stop in its tapas area is a must to enjoy the authentic Sevillian gastronomy.

Triana Neighborhood Seville

The Plaza de España

The Plaza de España offers another postcard view in this charming city and it still keeps the essence of the moment of its construction, in the 1929 on the occasion of the Ibero-American exhibition. Its buildings have a semi-elliptical shape and symbolize the embrace of Spain to its former American territories, a construction with symbol and that offers an imposing vision, to recreate.

Plaza Espana Seville

Maria Luisa Park

This is the lung that every city has, the most important urban park in Seville. In its surroundings is the Plaza de España and the Archaeological Museum so the location is unbeatable. A place to stroll and disconnect with beautiful views and without the need to leave the urban area, a haven of peace in the heart of the city centre.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

This beautiful museum is located in the Convent de la Merced and is one of the most important art galleries in the country. In the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville you can contemplate great works of art created by important authors such as Murillo or Zurbarán. It is the cultural visit par excellence in this city, to be captivated by the beauty of the tradition of the plastic arts.

The neighborhood of Santa Cruz

If you are looking to delve into the history of the city, a walk through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a must. In this area you can enjoy art and tradition in every corner. In transit through the Plaza del Triunfo you can see three monuments declared World Heritage Site of Seville, adding importance to the place. The atmosphere is also exceptional and it is a perfect neighbourhood to go out for dinner or drinks.

The route of Tornos de Conventos

The cloistered convents are part of the important historical and artistic heritage of the city of Seville. Through this route you can get to know all of them and contemplate their interesting architecture. In addition, it is a tradition that the nuns make homemade sweets in them that can also be tasted during the visit. A treat for the eyes and also for the palate.

Mapa de Seville