Guillena Via Plata

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Guillena is a beautiful town located on the Ruta de la Plata and close to Sierra Morena. It is a town of ancient origin, with a Roman and Arab past and with a great agricultural tradition. Different rivers flow through it, the banks of Huelva and Cala create beautiful landscapes. Its gastronomy is unforgettable, especially interesting for hunting lovers. It is the perfect place to stroll, relax, breathe and taste.

what to see and do in guillena

The Water Route

The hiking is one of the great attractions of Guillena and one of the best known routes is the one of the Water. It is a very simple route and designed to be done with the family, so it will not be a great effort for walkers. In it you will discover the most inspiring landscapes of the area, you will walk through beautiful forests linked to the riverside with incredible charm. It has an accessible length of 5 km.

Guillena Water Route

A walk around Guillena

A walk through Guillena can be really charming. Its main street is the Avenida de Andalucía but the most charming areas are in the upper part. It is essential to pass through the Plaza Francisco Sousa Valdivia and contemplate the Church of Mudejar origin from the 15th century, with two simple doors and a belfry in neoclassical style. There are also the remains of a castle in the bullring in Echegaray street and in the old town you can find beautiful examples of modern architecture such as the library or the chapel of the Hermandad de la Esperanza.

Guillena Town Hall

The Zahurdilla Park

To the north of the municipality of Guillena is the park of the Zahurdilla, for a quiet getaway in a natural environment. It is a beautiful green space bounded by the streams Galapagar and El Sardinero, which also provide several springs and fountains where you can enjoy the purest waters. It is free access and has picnic areas to spend a quiet evening.

The Path of the Dead

This is another simple path to fully enjoy the nature of Guillena without great difficulty, designed to delight. It is a trail that runs through the western part of the municipality of Guillena and its route is 12 km long, of a low difficulty and takes about 4 hours to cover. A perfect plan to breathe fresh air.

Horseback riding

Guillena is a land of horses so it is very attractive to enjoy a ride on these animals, in fact, some of its hiking trails can be done in this mode. In the place there are recognized riding schools that are available for tourists to live this unique experience.

Horseback Riding Guillena


The gastronomy of Guillena is highly valued and you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy it during your visit. The small game is a great protagonist in its culinary tradition and the rabbit in sauce is one of the most acclaimed dishes of the place. Also the authentic delicacies are its sheep cheeses and you cannot pass through the village without tasting an authentic salmorejo.

The Pet Market

To visit something curious and very typical of Guillena you can not miss the Pet Market which is held every Sunday in the permanent animal market. It is one of the largest in Andalusia and has a great tradition, as this type of market has been held in the area since ancient times.

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