Orbaneja del Castillo is a medieval town in Burgos declared a Historic-Artistic Site and considered by some to be a fantastic place almost like fairy tales. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is crossed by a marvellous waterfall and around this small houses were built with viewpoints towards the great canyon of the river Ebro.

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The typical wooden balconies of the houses are adorned with different types of flowers and its steep and narrow streets are the most striking of the place, so it is worth a tour of them and take beautiful photographs in different perspectives. The whole village is a dream of a place that seems to transport you back to medieval times, because it allows you to evoke an interesting past in the whole environment of the place.

Visit the Orbaneja del Castillo Waterfall

The waterfall was formed because the force of the river gave way to the tobaceous terrain and created stone terraces in a natural way, although they seem to be sculpted by the perfection of nature. Its flow depends on the time of year but it remains strong until it reaches the river Ebro. The urban structure is mediated by the beauty of the waterfall that is born in the center of the village and is undoubtedly the main cause of the structure of the locality.

Hiking in Orbaneja del Castillo

There are three recommended routes; the natural path of the Ebro where you can cross the bridge over the river Ebro and start your walk where you can go to the left to reach the place called Quintanilla Escalada or to the right and find the vast territory of the valley of Valderredible. Here you can see a group of cave hermitages and if you continue you can reach the Collegiate Church of San Martín de Elines.

La Senda de los Chozos is a 5 km. route that starts from the Cueva del Agua. Right in the center of the town and along the trail you will find old grazing huts and observe amazing landscapes.

The Castle of Orbaneja is a short route that leads you to the other side of the canyon of the Ebro. Those rocks that can be seen from the town and where you will marvel at nature.

Other paths will take you to the Tobazo waterfall. You can go there from the nearby village called Villaescusa de Ebro where a path will take you to the waterfall jump.

What to explore in Orbaneja del Castillo

Many caves exist around the place. For example as the Niésparo cave at 90 m. above the riverbed where different species of flora and fauna live. You can also visit the cave of Azar located near the town which has some cave paintings. The cave of the water where flows a stream that ends with a fall of 25 m. towards the river Ebro. This river divides the town in two and are distinguished by the names Villa and Puebla.

Another place to explore is the one known as the Eras de Orbaneja where there are the different stone huts built in limestone masonry that are used as granaries or shelter during the storm.

Enjoy the population and gastronomy.

The gastronomic offer of Orbaneja del Castillo is quite wide. You will be able to access many places where they offer menus at very good prices and traditional food.

For many years different ethnic groups such as Mozarabs, Christians and Jews lived there, so there is an important gastronomic heritage.

There are few settlers and families who stay during the winter. However in the summer holidays the place is often visited and crowded with tourists. That is why there are several places that offer services to visitors such as bars and restaurants, as well as accommodation.

The town also has some monuments that stand out for their picturesque mountain architecture and the urban framework typical of medieval times. These houses and their wooden balconies give the impression of being suspended in the air.

The appropriate time to visit Orbaneja del Castillo is during the spring and summer. Although it is better to do it during the week, since on weekends the town will be full and you will have to get up very early to walk the streets quietly. Don’t forget to book for high season and well in advance, as it is a very popular destination in Burgos.