Hello dear pilgrims! Today we bring you the perfect plan to start 2021 on the right foot and burn those extra calories we have accumulated during the holidays: the route of the Xanas. This time we move you to the Asturian council of Santo Adriano to discover one of the most beautiful routes of the Asturian mid-mountain.

The environment of the Xanas Gorge

The route is located in the council of Santo Adriano, specifically in the parish of Villanueva, just 25 kilometres from the city of the beginning of the Primitive Way: Oviedo. The gorge of the Xanas owes its name to the Asturian-Leonese mythology. The xanas are a mythological character of this area that lives in crystal clear waters. Xana refers to different types of fairies and nymphs.

Geographically it is located in the surroundings of the Sierra del Aramo, in the Cantabrian Mountains. The surroundings of the route follows a ravine that can be up to 90 meters deep. It should be noted that the entire Xanas Gorge has been declared a Natural Monument and therefore forms part of the network of protected landscapes.

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