La vereda de la estrella is an old road that was built in 1890 to exploit the existing mines in this part of the Sierra Nevada. Did you know that during a good part of the 20th century there was even a tram to the San Juan ravine? This narrow-gauge railway line was known as “Tranvía de la Sierra”. Today there are no more platforms or guardrails, but we preserve the trace in the relief of the passage of the locomotives.

Once this commercial function of the route was dismantled, the hikers recovered it as one of the most beautiful entrances to the mountain range that can exist in all this mountain. And it is not for less, since in its route the hiker can observe with incredible admiration the imposing and majestic crests of the Mulhacén, Alcazaba and Veleta peaks. In these lines we invite you to discover more about this “pretty girl” of Sierra Nevada.

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The surroundings of the path of the star: Sierra Nevada

La vereda de la estrella is situated in the mid-mountains of the Sierra Nevada of Granada. Specifically, the path is located at the head of the Genil river valley, in the San Juan ravine. This access to the mountain was traditionally used as the natural entrance to the mountain from Granada. The people from Granada followed the river up to its source and so little by little they went deeper into the mountains.

This privileged mid-altitude location in the imposing Sierra Nevada, makes that the path of the star preserves some fascinating natural ecosystems. A flora and fauna that deserves to be preserved to be able to continue enjoying it for a long time.

Güejar Sierra

This is our village of reference to get to the beginning of the trail. It is a typical white village of the Andalusian mountain range, located at an altitude of just over 1,000 metres above sea level. The village enjoys spectacular views of the Mulhacen (3,482 m), the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula.