Buendía is a beautiful town in the province of Cuenca that stands out for its impressive historical legacy and undeniable cultural value. This small municipality has become one of the favorite destinations, thanks to the splendor of one of the most emblematic natural sites in the region as has been Caras de Buendía. Right there you can enjoy one of the most delirious walks ever done in Spain, which for years has been called Ruta de las Caras (Route of the Faces).

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The Route of the Faces is nothing more than a track that connects the town of Buendía with at least 18 outdoor sculptures up to 8 meters high and of different lengths. The Faces Route is a track that connects the town of Buendía with at least 18 outdoor sculptures, sculpted by different artists on sandstone rocks. Among them, beautiful pine forests born of the Buendía reservoir and that make this place a sanctuary worth visiting.

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What to do in Route of the Faces?

Cuenca's mountain

If you have visited the province of Cuenca and you are eager to do the best trekking of your life, Route of the Faces is the best opportunity. In addition to feeling the nature and filling you with good vibes around the landscape, you will enjoy one of the most important and impressive open-air museums in the entire region.

The perfectly elaborated sculptures (some in pre-Columbian style and others in oriental models), have a mythical and religious character that is truly impressive. The relationship between art and nature has turned this place into a space for inspiration and deep reflection.

Cliff in Cuenca

The best thing is that the tour is completely free, of short duration and a low level of difficulty. In fact, it is ideal to go with children, preferably a little older, to enjoy works such as:


The sculpture of Arjuna alludes to the son of the Pandu. He is an Indian character who has been a reference for his culture. Arjuna’s name is synonymous with knowledge, spirituality, devotion and mysticism.


Right in a place known as Senda Alta is located the representative sculpture of Maitreya. She is an important figure in Buddhist culture as a guide and teacher of the dharma. He is a being of light who has inspired a whole generation.

Currency of Life

Also on the High Path of the Route of Faces is Coin of Life. This sculpture reflects a circle representing the universe and life. It is one of the most valued works of art of the place. During the journey you will also find other sculptures such as the Virgin of the Fleur de Lis, Lady of the Swamp, Virgin of the Faces, Krishna, Creces of the Temple and Templar, the Beethoven and others.

Where to eat?

Dish of meat with legumes
In the town of Buendía you can enjoy the best gastronomy of the province of Cuenca. Take advantage of your visit to pamper your palate and recharge your batteries after a day of routes, walks and hiking.

Bar Julmi

It is located near the town hall and is one of the best options for delicious food in Buendía. The chiripones and beans with clams are the specialty of the house. It stands out for its good service and pleasant atmosphere. The reviews about this restaurant have been positive.

Restaurant La Casa de las Médicas

One of the most important restaurants in Cuenca is located right on San Pedro 2 street. It combines good seasoning, abundant portions and good price. Definitely an excellent alternative. It also stands out for its enviable attention and for such a special atmosphere that you will feel at home.

El Rincón de la Espe

It is a place that will provoke you to return every time you have an appetite and you find yourself in the city of Buendía. Where is it? Well, you will find it in the Nueva Sierra urbanization. It is one of the best valued establishments for its good food, for its unequalled attention and for offering an excellent service to the diners.

Where to sleep?

Caras de Buendía
If you go for a weekend trip to Caras de Buendía to do the popular Route of the Faces, you should know that very close to this natural spot there is accommodation available. And here is some of our selection:

Obispo Guesthouse

It is an excellent alternative. It is comfortable and its price is attractive. It is located in the northwest of the province of Cuenca. It is a place that has been a reference and is occupied by hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to the area every year.

Rural House La Casilla del Molinero

Surely you will like to spend a day at the Casa Rural La Casilla del Molinero. Located in the Altomira Valley sector, this place of accommodation is also perfect because it puts you in contact with nature. It’s a quiet place you’ll want to visit as soon as you set foot in the province.

El Vallejo de Jabalera Rural House

It is located in a town in Cuenca called Jabalero. These two cottages are super comfortable and ideal for enjoying quiet days contemplating nature. It is very close to the Caras Routes, making it a perfect choice of accommodation.

How to get there?Route of the Faces

You don’t need a map but you do need a small guide to get to the Route of the Faces on foot. The route starts in the street of the Cemetery of Buendía. Then take one of the marked trails out of town. You’ll come to a sort of tank that, after passing it, you’ll have to take the left path. Keep walking until you see the Buendía reservoir and a little further on, the city’s dam.
Follow the route until you find a sign indicating the direction of Route of the faces. After a few minutes, you will arrive at the desired location.

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