Today the slopes will not leave us no respite. We will start, from Grado, with a long climb to reach San Juan de Villapañanda and we will continue ascending to the Alto del Fresno to finish with a demanding and steep descent to the Narcea Valley, which takes us to Salas.


We leave Grado by road in the direction of Salas until we reach a petrol station, past the bend we turn left and go up an ascending track whose slope becomes progressively gentler. We cross the access to the motorway over a bridge and gather strength to face the steep slope that leads us to the crossroads at the access to San Juan de Villapañada. We leave the village in a constant ascent until we reach the Allto del Fresno, where it is worth going off the 50 m of the path to visit the chapel. We continue straight ahead, contemplating what was once a magnificent landscape, today destroyed by the motorway that bleeds the valley from one end to the other.

We leave behind the bridge and the fountain of La Meredal, cross a bridge over the motorway and go down listening to the murmur of the river until Santa Eulalia de Dóriga. It is advisable to make a stop at the Ca Pacita winery (it serves breakfast, menus, dinners and has some bunk beds) and the Doriga Palace declared BIC.

We continue our route reaching the road, which we follow in parallel. We pass by Casas del Puente, cross the Narcea River over the bridge and shortly after we enter Cornellana, where we will find all the services. The itinerary takes us to the monastery of San Salvador and the hostel without entering the village. But we can continue along the road where all the bars and shops are as we will return to the road at the height of the monastery, perfectly indicated.

We recommend making a stop in the village, as during the stage it is the only place where you will find services.

We follow the path around the monastery and go up a local road with good views. We cross the motorway again and pass the villages of Sobrerriba and Cermoño. The halfway point of the stage is a gift, we will advance through a wooded stretch that is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the day.

We border a quarry on the left until we pass the village of Llamas, advancing parallel to the national road and the river Nonaya. Here we will find a vending machine where we can stock up on cold drinks.

We continue along the Way passing by a beautiful dovecote, passing the church and the fountain of Santiago de Villazón until we take a beautiful forest path that will lead us to the bridge of Casazorrina, which we cross to access the village. (You can stop at the gas station bar).

We leave the village and meet the motorway again, which we cross through a tunnel. We continue in the same direction surprised by a wooded path to take the road again until we reach the welcoming village of Salas, which has all the services.

To consider

Be careful in times of heavy rain, as the path down from Doriga to Cornellana, almost 8 kilometres from Grado, can be in a bad state, so we recommend caution to avoid slipping and to arrive safely in Salas.

Places of interest

  • Church of the Virgen del Fresno
  • Church of Santa Eulalia de Doriga
  • Monastery of San Salvador de Cornellana
  • Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor – Salas
  • Yew of San Martín – Salas
  • Tower and Palace of Valdés – Salas
  • Museum Didactic Classroom of the Pre-Romanesque – Salas

Typical dishes

  • Salmon and trout from the Narcea River
  • Aubergine Stew
  • Bollos Preñaos and empanadas
  • Fabada and tripe in Asturian style
  • Menestra
  • Roast meat
  • Rice pudding
  • Carajitos del Profesor (in Salas)