From the beginning of the stage the Primitive Way, in Salas, enters an area of pastures full of large houses, quintanas, water mills, crosses and old hermitages that extends to Tineo, and that recall great devotions of other times that have had great importance in this part of Asturias. The first part of the ascent to La Espina is dominated by large areas of forest with magnificent views of the plain as we approach the end of the stage. The richness of this council is found in the forests of beech and oak, ancient trees full of legends and that are a jewel of the Primitive Way .


We say goodbye to Salas passing under the arch that joins the Palace of Valdés with the medieval tower and we enter a pleasant path next to the river Noraya in the direction of Tineo, gaining altitude among oak and chestnut forests, crossing the bridges of Borra and Carcabón.

We start a quite hard ascent along the national road, passing several viaducts of the motorway and taking a path on the left hand side, paying attention to the signs. The ascent gets harder and harder until we reach the end of the climb along a track parallel to the motorway, arriving at the villages of Porciles and Bodenaya. Just before reaching the plain, under a mountain range covered with wind turbines, we will have the opportunity to see the source of the Nonaya River, which we crossed in the previous stage.

We continue along the national road and soon we reach La Espina, where we will find all the services, as well as a rest area called La Parada del Peregrino, with vending machines, sandwiches, parapharmacy.

We leave La Espina at the roundabout, taking the road to the right. In a few minutes we reach La Pereda, where you will find the hermitage of Cristo de los Afligidos.

We pass through small villages without services, where we can photograph some hórreos. We walk through forests and dirt roads overcoming the occasional steep slope. We go down to the road again and we find another village, El Pedregal.

We leave the village by a path that goes up on the right hand side, through a thick forest. From this point the route to Tineo is beautiful and you will enjoy spectacular rural panoramic views.

We arrived at Tineo bordering the football field until arriving to the Campo de San Roque, where there is a chapel of the same name. Tineo is a beautiful village in which two different urban spaces can be distinguished, the lower area or Villa funds and the area of the pico or Cimadevilla, characterized by maintaining traditional rural typologies.

To consider

As in the previous stage, in rainy seasons there is usually mud for quite a few kilometres. Therefore, before leaving Salas we must be sure to wear waterproof footwear and we must be careful about slipping along the way, and thus ensure that we reach Tineo without injury.

Places of interest

  • Church of San Pedro – Tineo
  • Church and Monastery of Santa María la Real – Tineo
  • Gold Museum – Tineo
  • Palace of the García – Tineo
  • Palace of Merás – Tineo

Typical dishes

  • Charcuterie boards: chorizo, black pudding, loin, butiestso, andoya, chosco (pork sausage).
  • Artisan cheeses (cabrales, gamoneu, afuega’l pitu, smoked, de pría)
  • Asturian stew
  • Beef stews and grills
  • Game meats
  • Caramietsa (traditional in Carnivals)
  • Natas vaqueiras (typical dessert of Tineo)
  • Natural curd
    Rice pudding



Pilgrims' hostel Bodenaya

Address: Lugar Bodenaya, 27, 33891 Bodenaya, Asturias

Phone: +34 645 888 984

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel in Salas

Address: C/ Urbanización La Vega, 8, 33860 Salas (Asturias)

Phone: (+34) 684 609 796

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Fontenonaya Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: Ctra. N-634, 18, 33891 Porciles - Salas

Phone: +34 653 247 007

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Mater Christi Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C/ Cabezas de San Juan, 1. 33870 Barrio del Viso / Tineo (Asturias)

Phone: (+34) 985 800 232

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable



Town: Tineo

Povince: Principado de Asturias

Population: 10.829


Town: Salas

Povince: Principado de Asturias

Population: 5.561