This stage is dotted with numerous chapels of Jacobean devotion. From Tineo, we will find ourselves in the deep western Asturias and we will cross mountain slopes all the way to Pola de Allande. A landscape characterised by the tranquillity and solitude of the paths which, together with the panoramic views of the mid-mountains, villages and farmhouses, will invite you to stop and contemplate the surroundings.

In this area the western variant of Asturian is used and you will find a popular architecture different from what you have seen so far. It is frequent the presence of hórreos and paneras with old carvings, as well as fountains to quench the thirst. You will enter the domains of the Sierra del Palo, where the legends will bring you closer to the ancient Asturian mythological beings. A land of mist, dolmens and ancestral traditions in which you should pay attention to the Camino’s own signposting.


We stand before the town hall of Tineo and, on the right hand side we go up a street that will take us to the church and a tile with scallop indicates us to take on the left hand side that continues uphill on an asphalted track that then turns into a dirt road in direction to Pola de Allande. We continue a few meters to the left and we will find a new detour to the right. We start a moderate descent contemplating a beautiful landscape and we come out to the road, at the height of the hamlet of Piedratecha.

We continue parallel to the road and leave it on the left shoulder. The path descends through a magnificent deciduous forest and leads us to the important monastery of Santa María Real de Obona,  A highly recommended visit for which you will have to take a detour of about 800 meters from the Camino.

We turn left to continue on our way, flattening out through a shady forest of oak and chestnut trees until we reach the small village of Villaluz, where we will find a picnic area and a fountain.

We continue walking along the road, crossing several villages until we reach Campiello, where Casa Ricardo or Casa Herminia are obligatory stops to have something to eat and drink.

After the break, we continue along the road, passing through El Fresno and El Espín, leaving it on the left. After 300 metres we take a nice path that will lead us to Borres, where the only services you will find are a public hostel and a bar called el Barín.

From the Barín, we go up to the race and ascend contemplating the fabulous landscape until we reach the perfectly signposted fork of the main path and the variant along the Hospitales Route. We continue towards Pola de Allande, descending and crossing the road again at the height of Samblismo, and continue along a beautiful path to the village of Mortera, where there is a small bar-shop.

We continue ascending and descending along paths and tracks, crossing streams and going in and out of the road several times until we reach the Alto de Porciles. Shortly after we will find the Church of San Roque and the village of Porciles, which also has a bar.

From Porciles to the top of the Lavadoira we can follow both the path, which has a steep descent with its corresponding ascent, and the AS-219 road, making the itinerary almost two kilometres longer but with a somewhat more moderate gradient.

At the top of Lavadoira begins the beautiful and hard descent to the end of the stage, Pola de Allande, passing through the village of Ferroy. In Pola you will find all kinds of services, with an obligatory stop at the Hostal La Nueva Allandesa, whose menu is one of the best in the area.

To consider

Many pilgrims decide to divide the stage in two and spend the night in Borres or take the variant of the Ruta de los Hospitales, as we indicate in the itinerary. The total stage between Tineo and Pola de Allande is almost 30 km with steep slopes.

Places of interest

  • Church of Santa María – Borres
  • Palace of Cienfuegos de Peñalba – Pola de Allande
  • Church of San Andrés – Pola de Allande

Typical dishes

  • Cabbage stew
  • Cabbage stuffed with meat
  • Vegetable and fish or meat pie
  • Pitu caleya
  • Fabada
  • Rum omelette
  • Rice pudding
  • Frixuelos
  • Cottage cheese



Mater Christi Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C/ Cabezas de San Juan, 1. 33870 Barrio del Viso / Tineo (Asturias)

Phone: (+34) 985 800 232

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Santa María de Borres Pilgrims' Hostel

Address: C/ Borres s/n, 33878 Borres (Concejo de Tineo – Asturias)

Phone: (+34) 663 785 266

Email: [email protected]

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' Hospice Pola de Allande

Address: Avenida de América, 46, 33880 Pola de Allande (Asturias)

Phone: (+34) 663 324 783 (Hospitalero) / (+34) 985 807 137 (Ayuntamiento)

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable


Pola de Allande

Town: Allande

Povince: Principado de Asturias

Population: 2.031


Town: Tineo

Povince: Principado de Asturias

Population: 10.829