If we compare this stage with the previous day, this one will be a piece of cake. It is a short stage, although intense due to the continuous downhill and the existence of especially complicated areas in rainy seasons. We will leave La Mesa and head towards the Salime reservoir, bathed by the waters of the river Navia, and we will cross the dam to start an ascending route until we reach Grandas de Salime, the last stretch of the Primitive Wayin Asturias.


Although this is a short stage compared to the ones we have done before, it has a considerable effort in its route.

We say goodbye to La Mesa by road, starting a climb of approximately two kilometres until we reach the wind farm at the top, near the crag of the Coriscos, from where we will head towards Grandas de Salime, and we arm ourselves with patience. We have 760 metres of negative slope ahead of us until we reach the Salime dam. We start to descend and it is not long before we reach Buspol.

After the chapel of Santa Marina begins a steep descent that reaches the dam of the river Navia that will give us amazing views and leafy groves.

We continue the descent until we reach a false flat where we continue along a forest track. On the left hand side we will see the detour that was formerly taken to cross the reservoir by boat from the vicinity of the flooded village of Salime. A kilometre further on, on the slope above a bend we will see a cortín, circular stone walls that were (and still are) used to protect the beehives from the bears. A little later we pass by a cross and take the detour to the right that will take us to a spectacular chestnut forest.

We follow a winding path until we reach the AS-14 road, which will lead us to the Salime Dam. Before arriving we can enter the Boca de la Ballena, a hanging viewpoint that offers incredible views of the 128-meter high dam.

Grandas de Salime Reservoir

Then we finally cross the reservoir and take the road again, which will guide our steps for 4.5 km. We pass next to the Hotel Las Grandas, located in the place of Vistalegre and we continue until the Pénjamo detour, where we will leave the road on the left.

After climbing a path, we continue along a pleasant wooded path that takes us to our longed-for end of the stage, Grandas de Salime.

To consider

In spite of being a short stage, this stage from La Mesa presents intense descents in which we must be extremely careful, especially if it rains, if we want to arrive without mishaps or injuries to Grandas de Salime.

Places of interest

  • Chapel of Santa Marina de Buspol
  • Chapel of Carmen de Grandas – Grandas de Salime
  • Hermitage of Pedreira – Grandas de Salime
  • Collegiate Church of El Salvador – Grandas de Salime
  • Roman tunnels of Penafurada – Grandas de Salime

Typical dishes

  • Sausages (chorizo, lacón and botelo)
  • Carne roxa or maragata
  • Pork claw with beans
  • Cachola con cachelos
  • Broth
  • Kid
  • Beef T-bone steak
  • Conger eel
  • Trout
  • Oscos Cheese
  • Mantecadas
  • Roscones and doughnuts
  • Gypsy’s arm