Perhaps we’ve ever considered doing the Camino de Santiago but we have doubts. I don’t mean doubts about time or things like that, I mean doubts about fear. We don’t know if we are ready to do it. It can scare us because we think that there are many kilometres, that we have to be very well prepared physically and that in our state we will not be able to reach the Cathedral.

Don’t worry, with a little train everyone is ready to do the Way. We have to take into account various factors such as the route chosen, the time available, the time of year or even the weight of our luggage. There is a route for each person as thanks to its flexibility the Way can be adapted to each pilgrim, including children or people with reduced mobility.

To be ready for complete the Way of St. James or even each stage requires several hours of walking and a minimum of physical effort, but we will always wonder if we are prepared. We will now answer all the questions that may arise regarding this topic and perhaps you will be encouraged to venture out and become a true pilgrim.


Yes, of course you need train. The Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago is not an activity that does not involve physical effort. We all know that this route involves miles and miles of walks along flat trails, mountains and that there are other factors such as weather or unevenness that can make us harder some stretches.

It is a path that can be adapted to any type of profile, since there are many routes that take us to the Cathedral of Santiago. If you are a person who does not usually do sport, do not worry, there is a route for you, but we should not deceive ourselves, doing sport regularly will help us.

In any of the cases, do sport or not, besides the organization of routes, stages, lodgings and backpack, we must prepare our body to cure us in health and to enjoy to the maximum this experience.

training to be ready

What kind of preparation do I need to be ready?

Although no specific training is necessary before doing the Way of St. James, it is true that we need to adapt our body to what we face. We will adapt it progressively because not everyone has the same sports habits and there are people totally sedentary.

Furthermore, we need a progressive and moderate physical preparation to get used to our body. You should begin to prepare yourselves a few months before heading towards Santiago. The ideal is to go for a walk at least three or four days a week, increasing the difficulty of the terrain progressively at a distance so as not to overload our machinery.

We increase the distance, the time and we walk through irregular terrain, but about 30 days before starting we advise to add a complement. The backpack is something that will be part of us all the way and that will be a factor to keep in mind. We must bear their weight and that will make the effort increase. In this preparation we recommend to continue walking but with the backpack loaded with some weight to simulate the weight we will carry.

The footwear is very important, we have to give it a previous filming. We will have to put the shoes that we are going to take on the road in that preparation since we run the risk of suffering injuries such as blisters if we use new footwear. I’m sure you’ll be interested: The shoes to make the way to Santiago.

It may seem like a lot of preparation time but you have to keep in mind that many days we will not go for a walk for different reasons.

ready to do the way

Do I need preparation to be ready during the Camino?

More than a preparation, during each stage what we need is to warm up engines and prevent some problems that may arise.

Before starting each stage, when we get up in the morning and after breakfast, we recommend stretching so that the body warms up and possible injuries are avoided. In the same way we must take care of our body during the Path, taking care of our feet is essential. It is possible that we may get blisters the first few days so we must take care of them with Vaseline and if we have blisters we must remove the liquid and keep them clean and cured. At the end of each stage, it is best to shower when the body is still active, with water that is not too hot. It will help us to stay well and with more relaxed bodybuilding.

We must not forget a very important issue during the stages, feeding and hydration. It is important a good hydration as well as the care of the feeding during the way, always take some fruit and some dry fruits, they will contribute to us energy and we will not find ourselves heavy.

Finally, we advise you not to walk too fast or make unnecessary efforts during the first few days, as this could make the road a real hell.

Not everything is phisical preparation…

As well as the physical preparation, to be ready the mental preparation is fundamental. It is very important that we know our limitations since we do not want that this beautiful trip becomes a bad memory.

For a good mental and psychic preparation we will have to and it is something fundamental and very important to plan the stages. Planning what we will see and even where to eat. It’s like preparing a script that motivates us. We should not be obsessed with covering stages or arriving at a fixed time. The stops will do us good, both to rest physically and mentally. Do not worry about going alone in sections of each stage. You have to be aware that do not demand more than you can, we must not be too demanding, everyone knows his limit.

Take the road as a beautiful experience, not as an obligatory route.

Don’t be afraid, there is a Way for every pilgrim, we help you to find yours.

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