“During the week, when we work, we only get together at home for lunch and dinner. When the weekend comes, we sit down together to eat and everyone is busy doing their own thing, watching TV or using their mobile phones. The meal is over and everyone sneaks off at full speed to make their own plans”. How long has it been since you’ve spent some real time with your family? We propose the perfect plan for these holidays: The family road!

This adventure has a lot of benefits for everyone. It offers you an outdoor activity surrounded by wonderful natural and rural landscapes. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time together and reconnect. Listen to everything we have to tell you!

Why do the Camino as a family?

Experiences like the Camino as a family have a lot of physical, mental and emotional benefits for everyone. On an individual level, it is a perfect experience to escape from daily stress and relax. On a family level, this adventure will allow you to spend a few days of total conviviality to reconnect. You will gain in complicity and rediscover each other!

Walking together will encourage interaction and strengthen family ties. As we mentioned before, we are all aware that on a daily basis, due to work and a multitude of obligations, we do not always spend as much time as we would like with our family. Precisely because of this, experiences like the Camino are very positive.

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If you have young children, this adventure will allow you to be part of their learning in a very active way. Contact with nature and moral and values education by the family are very important for the personal development of children.

Besides, what better plan for these holidays? The Camino offers you a different kind of holiday, in the open air, enjoying wonderful natural and rural surroundings.

How do I prepare for