Making a pilgrimage may seem old-fashioned, but the truth is that a hike is something that will never go out of fashion and that is why every year more and more people go on a pilgrimage. three hundred thousand pilgrims who visit Santiago de Compostela arriving from hundreds of different countries around the world to make their own Camino de Santiago for beginners.

Why do the Camino de Santiago?

A pilgrim does not necessarily have to seek prayer in the cathedral of Santiago – the symbol of the pilgrimage – but many make the journey for the journey’s sake, by experience, by the events of the road. For some, it’s an excursion and an exotic way to spend a holiday, while for others it’s a search for themselves, part of a a journey of spirituality.

But what is it that makes the Camino de Santiago so attractive? What will I find? Can anyone do it, or do I need physical preparation? There are many routes, Which one
How many kilometers do I have to walk? Yes, there are a lot of questions you are asking yourself, we understand, it happened to us exactly the same when we thought about doing the Camino, but don’t worry! Put on your hiking boots and warm up your legs, we’re going on a pilgrimage!

Equipment for beginners

Why Santiago de Compostela to refer to St. James the Apostle?

In the crypt of the Cathedral of Santiago lie the remains of St. James the Apostle, disciple of Jesus, who, as the local stories tell, appeared in the forest in front of a hermit.

Since then, Santiago has become a sacred city and many devotees walk towards it. But the most curious thing is that the Camino de Santiago did not begin to be walked for that reason, but already long before Christ, people did the same route thinking that it could indicate the end of the world, because of its shape of the Milky Way.

Surely, on the Camino de Santiago you will not find the end of the world, nor the light of Santiago himself or any music that leads you to him in the woods, but what you will find along the way is what you are looking for. Looking for peace, experience, challenges? Looking to find yourself, meet the locals or just get away from the routine and technological congestion? What do you want from YOUR Camino de Santiago?

A road between the woods