There are many ways to do the Camino: in an organized group, with friends, as a couple, with your family, alone… Many of you often ask yourselves: Is it a good idea to do the Camino alone? The truth is that in reality… you just have to dare!

Something to keep in mind is that on the Camino, we all need moments of solitude and company. We are sure that you will find that balance whether you do the Camino alone or in a group. Even if you take the initiative to start the Camino alone, one of the magic things about the Camino is that you will always find someone to walk with.

In the following lines we tell you the advantages of walking alone. If you really want to do it but you’re afraid, or if you just can’t find a partner, dare to take control and take the first step, we assure you that you won’t regret it!

The pilgrim “in the singular

Embarking on the adventure of the Camino de Santiago alone is undoubtedly a very good decision. It is an experience that will strengthen you personally, whether you are an extrovert or not. Making decisions like this for yourself is a therapeutic exercise that helps you take control of your life. In other words: it’s a real shot of self-esteem.

Apart from the fact of making decisions for yourself, there is all the physical and mental work you will experience on the Camino. On a mental and emotional level, walking alone is an exercise in reflection and self-discovery very positive.

We assure you that after this, you will want to eat the world!

All the routes of the Camino de Santiago

Advantages of walking the Camino alone

As we mentioned in the previous lines, the most positive thing of all is the personal experience you will extract. On a physical and mental level you will feel great when you finish. You probably don’t even want it to end!

When you walk alone, you and only you set the pace. You will be the absolute master of the walk and you will do whatever you feel like. You can stop for a rest whenever you want or you can pick up the pace if you feel like it. As well as stopping at anything you find curious or interesting.

Two other opposing advantages are: solitude and socialization. When you walk alone, it is clear that a very good advantage is the possibility of being able to reflect in solitude. You are alone with your thoughts for as long as you want. On the flip side, socializing is wonderful. The fact of going alone will make you relate much more with the people you meet. This is something very positive, since when we are in a situation of comfort with friends, the degree of sociability with strangers tends to be much lower.

Sunset of the road alone

Tips for walking the Camino alone

People who are wondering whether to do the Camino alone, usually ask themselves a series of questions such as: what if I get lost, what if I get disoriented and don’t know where to go, what if I don’t know anyone and get bored, or what if something happens to me and I have no one to turn to?

The reality is that it is very difficult to get lost on the Camino, as you will find more people walking and all the routes are very well signposted. When it comes to meeting people, as we mentioned above, it’s something that happens all the time! So don’t worry, we assure you that you will enjoy it a lot.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to do the Camino alone:

Choose a route with good traffic

This will ensure that throughout the stages you will always meet many people. This will allow you to socialize and will help you if necessary.

Check the stages day by day

If you are worried about getting lost or disoriented, a good solution that will give you security is to prepare the stages on a daily basis. By checking the route on the map and on your mobile phone you will feel more confident walking afterwards, as you will know better where you have to go.

a woman on the road arriving at the sea

Walk in pilgrim schedules

Starting your tour early in the morning will allow you to get to the end sooner and have a few hours to rest. In addition, you will walk at the hours when pilgrims usually do, so you will find many more people.

Charged mobile phone battery and power bank

As a good foresighted pilgrim, always carry a full mobile phone battery and a power bank with you. This ensures that you always have your mobile at your disposal, in case you need it.

When in doubt, “who has a mouth gets to Rome”.

If you have doubts about something, always ask. The Camino is full of wonderful people who will be happy to help you with anything you need.

And so, step by step, you will have filled your backpack with beautiful experiences. Of all those experiences that you and only you will have chosen to live. We hope we have encouraged you to do the Camino alone and have been helpful with our advice.

Take the first step! ¡Buen Camino!

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