Then, in the following map, we can appreciate the virtues of the Sanabrés Way, a variant of the Vía de la Plata that will allow you to isolate yourself from the big agglomerations. On your pilgrimage to Santiago, throughout the Sanabrian Way you will go through 365 kms crossing the province of Ourense from east to west.

How can I interpret this map of the Camino Sanabrés?

In this map you can visualize the 13 stages of the Sanabrés Way. From east to west you will visit 2 Autonomous Communities and 4 Provinces: Castile and Leon (province of Zamora) and Galicia (provinces of Ourense, Pontevedra and A Coruña)

On this Camino, you will pass through approximately 22 towns with services. This indicates that some provisioning is necessary, although you will find places to stock up on supplies approximately every 16 kms.

Ourense's Bridge

Sections where there is a shortage of services o Please note!

Don’t worry, you just need to be proactive at certain stages and make sure you take water and food to get your strength back if you need it. Here are also some of the most important Longer stages of the Sanabrés Way that you should mark on your map as they are longer than 30 km.: de Santa Marta de Tera to Mombuey (36 kms); from Mombuey to Puebla de Sanabria (32 kms); from Puebla de Sanabria to Lubián (30 kms); and of A Gudiña to Laza (34kms); from Laza to Xunqueira de Ambía (33 kms); from Cea to Lalín (33 kms); and of Lalín to Ponte Ulla (31 kms).

However, although the Camino Sanabrés is one of the least well stocked, you will always find a place where you can meet your needs. You should always carry a small bottle of water as the distance between the toilets is a bit longer. In any case, this is a recommendation applicable to any Camino, so don’t forget: always stay well hydrated.

Puebla de Sanabria

But… From where do I start the Camino?

Traditionally the Sanabrés Way starts in Granja de Moreruela. From this town you can travel the 365 kms that separate you from Santiago, but the lack of good communication makes it a little complicated to get to the starting point, so our recommendation is to start this trip from Puebla de Sanabria. From there you can start your Camino and embark on this adventure that will take you into Galicia through the mountains of Ourense. If on the other hand you have limited time, the best thing to do is to start your Way from Ourense. We will walk the last 110 kms of the Vía de la Plata.

It is important to remember that this is not a very well-equipped trail with infrastructures and services, so despite the fact that it is a stretch without much slope, it is necessary to be very foresighted and to be well stocked up. The lack of infrastructure together with some quite long stages and the heat that can make in this area in summer season make this Camino one of the least recommended recommended for the summer.. If you still if you like challenges, do not doubt that this Camino will not leave you indifferent.