At some point, we have all felt overwhelmed and have been invaded by these issues. Once these points have been questioned, each one chooses the most appropriate strategy for himself, to return or try to return to his essence and inner balance.

  • When was the last time you had time to do ANYTHING?
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • At what point did you stop painting, writing, playing the saxophone, walking, being you…?
  • Do you recognize yourself? Do you recognize that self in which you dwell?

Here are a series of tools that we consider, from our own experience, the perfect symbiosis for living in harmony.

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The first is to walk, without further ado

Aome researchers argue that the human gait, carrying weight on the front part of the foot, began with the Homo erectus almost two million years ago. Today, we spend too much time sitting and with an over-stimulation of electronic devices that take us away from interacting with each other and reconnecting with ourselves. Usually we even get to move away from ourselves, often unconsciously, and in others, by inability to assume our reality.

The Camino de Santiago allows you to give yourself that interaction, that space, time, silence, listening, permission and truth. In this experience you have the opportunity to be, to reconnect with yourself through mountains, valleys, forests, trails… where the best melody is your steps.

Little by little you will perceive how the senses are awakening. You will look with new eyes, smell forgotten aromas, taste food with pause and awareness, hear the sound of nature and touch water, air and earth.

You will embrace and be embraced in the mos