Mealhada Portuguese Way

Information about Mealhada

Mealhada is a municipality located in the heart of Portugal, which preserves a large amount of cultural and natural heritage. Its landscape is dominated by a wide expanse of vineyards, which give it a prominent place in the wine region “Vinho da Bairrada”.

Mealhada, like many other territories in this part of Portugal, experienced its heyday during the Middle Ages. This enclave is home to numerous natural resources from the hand of extensive fertile areas for the cultivation of the vine and the Sierra do Buçaco. It also stands out for its gastronomy, which has gained an important place in the country for its project “4 Maravilhas da mesa de Mealhada” (4 Wonders of Mealhada’s table).

What to see and do in Mealhada

Bussaco Forest

Declared a National Monument in 2017, it is an old walled garden-arboretum within the palace complex. It is considered one of the best dendrological collections in Europe. Although its extension is far below that of the great European forests, the great variety of its species surpasses it to a great extent. Within its walls coexist about 400 species of plants native to the Portuguese part of the Atlantic Arc and approximately 300 from other climates. Its most representative element is the Bussaco cedar, planted 350 years ago.

Bussaco Forest Portuguese Road Mealhada

Bussaco Palace

It is a construction that has been declared a National Monument in Mealhada. It is located in the mountain range of the same name. It is a romantic palace of neo-Manueline style that today functions as a luxury hotel.

Palace of Bussaco Portuguese Way Mealhada

Alta Cruz

It is the highest point of the Bussaco mountain range, so it offers its visitors one of the best panoramic views of the surroundings.

Alta Cruz Bussaco Portuguese Trail Mealhada

Mapa de Mealhada