Arcade Portuguese Way

Information about Arcade

Arcade is a parish of the municipality of Soutomaior in Pontevedra, which is part of the metropolitan area of Vigo.

Undoubtedly, the most representative of Arcade is the production and exquisite preparation of oysters, which has earned it the nickname of “oyster capital“. And they say that the biological characteristics of this place, make the oysters that are raised here have a special flavor.

The history of the surroundings of Arcade is linked to the castle of Soutomaior. The exact origin of this castle is unknown, but we do know that since the beginning of the 12th century it has been linked to Don Pax Méndez Sorrede, the first to use the surname Soutomaior. This family of nobles would be one of the most important families during the late Middle Ages, participating in the Irmandiña revolt and in the succession problems of Henry IV.

What to see and do in Arcade

Arcade promenade

It has a route of 1,700 m next to the mouth of the Verdugo River. It is illuminated in its entirety and has wooden walkways that pass under the bridges of the Verdugo River.

Pontesampaio Bridge

If we follow the promenade that goes along the seashore, towards the river Verdugo, we will arrive at the beautiful medieval bridge, of Roman origin, of Ponte Sampaio. This place was the scene of a historic battle to liberate Spain from French occupation in 1809 during the War of Independence. It is also an obligatory stop for pilgrims on the Portuguese Way.