Have you ever wondered where the Camino de Santiago begins? Faced with this question, most pilgrims think of Roncesvalles and the French Route, but they forget that there are other routes with other starting points. However, if we get historical, the road would actually start from the door of your house, so it could be said that there are as many roads as there are pilgrims. Today, cith the ease of transport and the few days we have for holidays, pilgrims often opt for to do the last 100 kilometres of any route, as it is a route that can be done in less than a week and allows you to reach Santiago de Compostela without a lot of accumulated fatigue. In addition, with that distance you are guaranteed, if you meet the requirements of two stamps per day on your credential, to obtain the Compostela.

You should know that all the routes, the last 100 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago, are within the Autonomous Community of Galicia, so with this option, the pilgrims will cross this magical region, with its landscapes, its people and its affordable but exquisite gastronomy.

A cairn of the last 100 km of the Camino