I’m sure many of you have asked yourselves this question What reasons do people have for doing the Camino de Santiago? Why is it such a fulfilling experience for everyone who does it?

We all know someone who has done the Camino de Santiago and has recommended it actively and passively to everyone close to them. In this article we will try to reveal to you some secrets of this unique experience, but you will really have to encourage yourself to discover them for yourself and you’ll understand that everything you’ve been told really pales in comparison to what you’ve experienced.

Are you ready to discover the MAGIC of the Camino de Santiago?

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The Camino sets you free

A pilgrim with the sunset behind

Ehe Camino embraces you and frees you and this is something that most pilgrims agree on. Everyone starts their journey with two backpacks, one in which they keep their clothes and personal belongings, and the other, much heavier, full of day-to-day problems, unanswered questions, longings and dreams to be fulfilled… each and every one of the little things that, without realizing it, we drag along over the years and do not let us be completely happy.

As you leave kilometers behind in each of the stages, many of those “stones” that accompany you will also fall little by little, you will stop giving importance to many things, walking more and more light and free of worries.

This is the healing power of the Camino de Santiago.

Personal Growth

Woman with open arms to the sunset

It is said that you don’t make the Camino, but the Camino makes you. Even if you decide to make the trip with your family or friends, even if you meet a lot of people along the way and make new friendships, in reality it is a journey with yourself, a journey of introspection. in which you rediscover yourself, recovering all your energy and vitality. In our daily lives we are always more concerned about others than about ourselves, and we don’t usually give ourselves enough time to get to know ourselves. But throughout the days you will have a lot of time to think, to engage in conversations with yourself that perhaps you would never have thought of before, so you will get to know yourself more and you will get rid of all those barriers and limits that were only in your mind, ending the trip completely renewed.

Nature in its purest form

People and nature have always been intimately linked, and that is why when we need to clear our heads and disconnect we almost always turn to it, to the countryside, the sea, the mountains… because they give us the peace and quiet that we need at certain times when we feel overwhelmed. Imagine walking for days and days through valleys, rivers, fields, forests, mountains, all kinds of landscapes, with the only concern to enjoy every step, breathe fresh air and that the only noise you hear is the sound of birds.

In addition the variety of landscapes and the virgin nature of the Galician surface make any trip through Galicia a surprising itinerary.. You will enter the land of “meigas” and other mythological beings, getting to know the legends, mysteries and prophecies that are part of the culture of the Galician people, letting yourself be seduced by their spell. Need more reasons? Read on!

Meet new people

Two pilgrims embracing in Obradoiro Square

Whether you do the Camino de Santiago alone or accompanied, we are sure that you will return with a backpack full of new friendships. You are about to make one of the most socializing trips that exist, because you will be able to connects people without prejudice or stereotypes.

For many days you will share the path with the same people, with faces that will become more and more familiar to you, with whom you will soon be exchanging smiles, tables, conversations, accommodation, life stories, you will let your emotions flow, you will embrace people you would never have thought you could embrace, people you might have been next to anywhere and you would never have noticed them. And that is the magic of the Camino de Santiago, which brings out the best in people, regardless of gender, age, beliefs or nationalities.

Physical exercise

Two pilgrims entering to a village

This is perhaps one of the one of the main reasons why many pilgrims are encouraged to do the Camino de Santiago. and what leads them to discover the rest of the benefits that the route hides. But at the same time is also one of the big reasons why others don’t dare to do it.It is common to think “I won’t be able to walk so many kilometers” or “I’m not fit enough”, but believe us if we tell you that every year all kinds of people, from small children, very old people or people with special needs But believe us if we tell you that every year all kinds of people, from small children to very old people or people with special needs, complete the walk without any problem.

You will walk an average of 25 kilometres a day, with refreshment points every few kilometres where you can rest and recharge your batteries. You should also keep in mind that there are no established rules, you can design the route adapting it to your needs, there are many different paths and you can always do it from the distance you consider best for your physical condition.

Therefore, removing your fears, limits and prejudices is the first step to start what we are sure will be one of the best trips of your life.

And so much for our reasons. But we have only told you a small part of what it means to do the Camino de Santiago! Would you like to know the rest?

Good Camino friends!

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