Doing the Camino by bike is a great option for those who love cycling and the Camino. For some, this modality is a physical challenge in which to test how many kilometres they can cycle per stage. But undoubtedly, for most of them it is an alternative option to the walking route that allows them to go slower at each stage and take small detours to see more things.
And so it is! The reality is that doing the Camino by bike offers you advantages that the walking route cannot offer. In the following post we tell you everything you need to know if you want to do this adventure, don’t go away, we are starting!

One of the first doubts: how long does each stage of the cycling route take?

Here is one of the potentialities of doing the Camino by bike dear friends: there are no official pre-established stages. The Jacobean route, marks us the series of towns through which we must pass, but there is no set mileage stage for cycling. Everyone is free to configure the stage according to their physical possibilities.
So you know, you can set an average of 30 or 40 kilometers per day and enjoy the trip and the stops calmly, or you can set longer stages if you have few days to cover a long stretch.

All the journeys of the Camino de Santiago by bike

What about the Compostela?

As well as there are no pre-established stages if there is a minimum number of kilometres that must be cycled to obtain the Compostela. The walking route marks a minimum of 100 kilometers to obtain it. However, to obtain the compostela by pedalling you will nee