Trekking has become fashionable in recent years. And it is not for nothing as it is a sport that is within everyone’s reach; you will only need comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers. Besides, it’s not a competitive or intense sport, you set your own limits!

Disconnecting from routine and immersing ourselves in nature while practicing sports by walking on trails, discovering all kinds of plants, animals and landscapes is a perfect plan for any weekend that will greatly benefit your body and mind.


We live in a world where we have a frenetic pace of life. Lack of time, hurry, stress, nerves, anxiety… are part of our society and affect our health negatively. Contact with nature, far from the big cities, will make you free yourself from all those ties and feel better about yourself, improving your quality of life.

Trekking helps clear the mind and ideas

How many times have we heard that from… “Go on, take a walk and clear your head”? And he’s right, because when we walk our body and our mind work together. Walking will distract you for a few hours from your daily obligations and worries. By walking you focus your mind and shape your thoughts while enjoying the landscape and the environment, helping you make decisions more clearly.

Stress and anxiety reduction

The endorphins that are released during a walk provoke feelings of happiness and even euphoria, helping to control anxiety and depression levels. Long-term trekking will help improve your mood, decrease stress and help you sleep better.

In addition, you can travel with your pet, which also make us release a high amount of endorphins

A person with open arms to the sun

Increased self-esteem

By trekking you will increase your self-confidence and lose all your fears. At the end of the route you will realize that there are no limits. You will value your capacity for effort and self-improvement and you will feel proud of having managed to overcome the journey. A challenge of physical and mental overcoming that will make us return to our daily life with our batteries charged.

In addition, the increase in self-esteem will be greater if we overcome goals set during our walk, we will feel fulfilled and capable of anything, the return to our daily lives will be done with the batteries charged.