The stage between Arzúa and O Pedrouzo The stage between Arzúa and O Pedrouzo is of low difficulty, it goes along forest tracks, crossing woods and fields. A day in which we must take extreme precautions, as we will have to cross the N-547 road several times, with heavy traffic. We will walk on flat and comfortable terrain, finding plenty of bars, shops and places to rest, perfect to take the stage calmly. Santiago is getting closer and closer.


We start the walk from the Rúa do Carmen in Arzúa and we advance in the direction of O Pedrouzo along a dirt track, going downhill. We arrive at the fountain of os Franceses, we cross the river Vello and then we arrive at As Barrosas, with its chapel dedicated to San Lázaro.

The route passes through Preguntoño, where we find the hermitage of San Paio. We avoid the national road through a tunnel and face a small slope between fields, with views of Arzúa. We arrive at the village of A Peroxa. The path continues through eucalyptus forests, unfortunately more and more present in the Galician landscape. When we arrive at Taberna Vella, we find a small bar-shop where we can refresh ourselves. We continue through Calzada, the last village in the municipality of Arzúa.

We cross the road and enter the municipality of O Pino. We pass A Calle crossing the river and continue along a series of tracks that take us to the villages of Boavista and Salceda, at the foot of the road. In Salceda there is a pharmacy and several bars where you can rest. From here the Camino meanders away and away from the assault. After passing the tribute to the pilgrim Guillermo Watt, we arrive at the small village of O Xen.

With a lot of caution, we cross the road and we arrive at Ras to reach, next, A Brea.

We leave the village and meet again our inseparable N-547. The walkway leads us to O Empalme, and after a small stretch of forest we arrive at Santa Irene, which has several services. We leave Santa Irene by a dirt road that enters a eucalyptus forest. We find ourselves back on the road until we reach A Rúa, the prelude to Pedrouzo and the end of our stage.

To consider

The only difficulty of the stage is in the crossings of the N-547 road, with heavy traffic of vehicles of all kinds. Although the crossings are indicated by traffic signs, it is advisable to take extreme precautions when crossing.

Places of interest

  • Santa Eulalia de Arca Church -O Pedrouzo
  • San Paio Chapel -Preguntoño
  • Hermitage of San Andrés -O Pedrouzo

Typical dishes

  • Rooster and Hen of Piñeira Breed
  • Cheese
  • Local wine
  • Pork and beef



Pilgrims' hostel in Arca - O Pino

Address: O Pedrouzo (Concello do Pino) 15821 La Coruña.

Phone: (+34) 649 880 954

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable

Pilgrims' hostel in Arzúa

Address: C/ Cima de Lugar, 6 15810 Arzúa – La Coruña.

Phone: (+34) 660 396 824

Email: Unavailable

Web: Unavailable



Town: Arzúa

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 6.053

O Pedrouzo

Town: O Pino

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 500

Santa Irene

Town: O Pino

Povince: A Coruña

Population: 13