Last stage of our French Way that we will face with a mixture of emotions in our hearts. As this is a short stage and without great difficulties, we recommend getting up early to leave O Pedrouzo and arrive early for the pilgrim’s mass at
Santiago de Compostela
and make the most of the day in the city.

We will walk along paths through eucalyptus forests and arrive at Monte do Gozo, discovering the reason for the name of this place: the tingling, that pleasant sensation of seeing the towers of the Cathedral of Santiago in the distance, closer and closer. As we descend, the accumulated tiredness will disappear until it fades away in the most emotional moment of the whole French Way: the entrance to the Plaza del Obradoiro.


We say goodbye to O Pedrouzo and head towards Santiago de Compostela passing by the football field, where we take a detour to the left along a dirt track. We quickly arrive at the small village of San Antón, we advance through the last large oak grove of the Camino until we reach Amenal, where we find a hotel and several services.

From here, we start the hardest ascent of the day. A constant slope through a lush forest, which extends for 2 kilometers on a forest track. We pass near the airport, whose construction forced us to modify the original route of the Camino. The fence that delimits the airport guides our next steps until we reach San Paio and Lavacolla, a place where the ancient pilgrims washed themselves before entering Santiago de Compostela.

The Codex Calixtinus related:

“Among the rivers of fresh and wholesome water to drink is Labacolla, because in a leafy spot through which it passes, two miles from Santiago, the French pilgrims on their way to Santiago took off their clothes and for love of the Apostle used to wash not only their parts but the dirt from all over their bodies”.

After crossing the river Sionlla, we start a steep slope of some