Once again we have before us a short stage, the route between Santo Domingo de la Calzada and Belorado It runs uniformly through the cereal fields of the Castilian plateau along agricultural tracks that follow the axis of the national road. Halfway, between Grañón and Redecilla, we say goodbye to La Rioja to enter the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.


We leave Santo Domingo de la Calzada early in the morning towards Belorado. We leave the village through the old quarter, crossing the bridge over the river Oja. Here we will find the hermitage of the Bridge, from 1917, rebuilt here since the flow of the river swept away the old hermitage. We continue on to reach the road, which we will have to cross to continue for several kilometres parallel to the N-120, which will take us to the town of Grañón, the last village in La Rioja. We are welcomed by the Cross of the Brave, which recalls the conflict between the inhabitants of Grañón and Santo Domingo.

On leaving Grañón, we walk again between fields of land consolidation that furrow the cereal, relieved of the monotony by rows of poplars that grow on the banks of rivers and streams.

Two kilometres further on, an information panel welcomes us to Castilla y León, the community that will accompany us for two weeks.

From the panel we can already see Redecilla del Camino, the first Castilian village we reach after overcoming a long straight road. In the church of Redecilla we will find one of the most elaborate baptismal fonts of all the Way of St. James. We continue parallel to the N-120 until we cross the river Relachigo, to later reach the municipality of Castildelgado, with a fountain where we can refresh ourselves.

We go 2 km further until we find Viloria de Rioja, birthplace of Santo Domingo, where the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho sponsored a small hotel. We will continue a few more kilometres until we reach Villamayor del Río, which is said to be a village of the three lies, as it is neither a town, nor is it a major town, nor does it have a river. We will continue for about 5 km until we reach Belorado, putting an end to our hike.

To consider

In all the villages, except in Viloria, we will find bars and restaurants where we can make stops. There are several sections of the Camino that cross the road, so we must be extremely cautious and watch out for traffic.

Places of interest

  • Grañón Bakery – Grañón
  • Church of San Juan Bautista – Grañón
  • Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Calle – Redecilla del Camino
  • Church of the Assumption – Viloria de Rioja
  • Remains of the Castle – Belorado

Typical dishes

  • Products from the Beliforian garden (onions, garlic, peppers…)
  • Caparron
  • Black pudding from Belorado
  • Suckling lamb