Saint Irene French Way

Information about Santa Irene

At 25 km from Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrims who have taken the French Way find the small and beautiful village of Santa Irene, belonging to the municipality of O Pino.

Here you can find good places to eat and rest. One of the most interesting places in the locality are the hermitage and the fountain, since important curative powers are attributed to it and therefore, it hides several legends.

For many the water emanating from this source is able to kill pests and plagues of crops, so it was used to spray the crops. Also, it is presumed that it cured all the ills of children, who stopped crying when they passed by the image of the Saint. It was previously decorated with the image of the Saint, but this beautiful piece from 1692 was stolen in the eighties.

What to see and do in Santa Irene

Chapel of Saint Irene

Perfectly located at the foot of the Camino de Santiago, you will see this beautiful and well known chapel. This hermitage dedicated to San Pedro was built in the 17th century and has a simple rectangular floor plan built in stone, with lintels and a bell tower. Inside there is a baroque style altarpiece. It is surrounded by a spectacular oak grove, which forms its wooded atrium where the feast of St. Peter is celebrated on June 29th.

Chapel of Saint Irene French Way

Fountain of Santa Irene

Called by many the Fountain of Eternal Youth where pilgrims come to enjoy the water, this fountain is located right next to the aforementioned chapel. The story goes that the waters of the Fountain of Saint Irene had the power to cure the plagues and the ills of the pilgrims, which is why it became a historical place.

Fountain of Santa Irene French Way

Mapa de Santa Irene